To keep your daily operations running smoothly, it is essential to keep structure and overview in your commercial vehicle. With this in mind, Carval offers a wide range of accessories that can be integrated into your commercial vehicle.

Our accessories are designed to provide optimal storage for your materials, tools and both small and large parts. This way, your daily necessities no longer bring a drag. They are safely stored, you know where they are, you don't forget them and you can easily access them. A workshop that is always fully organized and equipped naturally brings significant time savings and maximum efficiency.

In addition, ergonomics is at the heart of our distinctive approach to fitting out your commercial vehicle. Discover how our innovative Carval products can enhance your daily workflow. Because at Carval, we have an eye for small details that make a big difference to your work every day. This is how we work together to grow your business.

Give your business an upgrade with our commercial vehicle equipment! Are you interested as well?

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Our strengths: what sets us apart from the rest

  • One-stop shop for complete furnishing
  • Experience with all brands & types
  • Punctuality, quality and fast service
  • Always customized for 1 or 999 cars
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