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Often the inside of a vehicle is not spacious enough to transport ladders and other long materials efficiently and safely. That's why we have developed advanced solutions for the outside of the vehicle. By providing loading facilities on and around your vehicle, we create additional storage space and allow you to safely transport all your materials, small and large, to the workshop. In addition to our side external option, being the external glass rack, we are also your ideal partner for roof transport solutions.

Our expertise in roof transport is reflected in the three high-quality products we offer: our patented electric ladder loading system (EL-LLS) , a manual ladder loading system (M-LLS) and our luggage carrier. With these innovative solutions focused on ergonomic roof transport, we can address your specific loading needs.

Ladder loading systems

A ladder loading system allows you to load and unload ladders from ground level, which improves overall safety by avoiding dangerous heights. On top of that, you are no longer subject to the required fall protection when loading above 2 meters. Discover our manual and electric ladder loading system.

Manual Ladder Loading System

The Manual Ladder Loading System (M-LLS) is an ergonomic system designed for easy loading and unloading of your ladder. Using a manual control handle, it reduces physical strain and increases safety during the placement and removal of the ladder on the roof of your vehicle.

A major benefit of our M-LLS is its lightweight design. The M-LLS is made of aluminum, a material that is both lightweight and sturdy. This minimizes the load on the roof and optimizes the load capacity. The original mounting points in the roof are used to expertly secure the system.

This manual ladder loading system is thus ideal for safely transporting ladders, but offers limited possibilities when it comes to carrying long profiles and other materials. The manual system allows you to transport a maximum of a three-piece ladder or a combination of a two-piece and a one-piece ladder. This system reaches its maximum load limit when these limits are exceeded.
Do your operations rather require the intensive transport of multiple ladders and other long-legged materials? Then our electric ladder loading system offers the ideal roof transport solution for your needs.

Electric Ladder Loading System

The patented Electric Ladder Loading System (EL-LLS) is a heavy duty system specifically designed for intensive loading and unloading of ladders and possibly other longwall materials. The EL-LLS is easy to use, has a short lowering and lifting time and is low maintenance.

Discover our versatile configurations for our electric ladder loading system, suitable for intensive use on both vans and trucks.
You can choose a narrow system ideal for ladders only, but we also offer wider systems suitable for ladders as well as long profiles, slats, tubes, beams and other elongated materials. Our electric system thus offers versatile solutions for various cargo needs.

Ergonomic tilting mechanism

The electric ladder loading system has its own adjustable tilting mechanism that gently positions the load on the roof and lowers it to the ground. This reduces the risk to the user and prevents excessive strain on the vehicle roof. This gentle lifting motion makes the EL-LLS an ergonomic system where simplicity and safety are paramount. On top of that, the flexibility of the tilt mechanism ensures that you are not bound to certain loads.

Luggage carriers

In addition to ladder loading systems, Carval also provides luggage carriers, also called roof racks or roof racks. For intensive use, we provide our own designed Carval heavy duty luggage carrier. Do you use your carrier less intensively? Then we provide a cost-efficient light duty alternative.

The Carval heavy duty luggage carrier is a welded construction with double bearings to prevent sagging of heavy loads. The vehicle's original mounting points are used for installation, eliminating the need to drill additional holes in the roof.

The Carval heavy duty carrier features:

  • Wide and non-slip walking grid, which one can enter easily and safely
  • Open handrail on the left and right, which facilitates attaching the load. By placing a ladder through this opening, you gain space on the other side for additional cargo.
  • Spoiler at the front, against wind noise
  • Double-bearing stainless steel push-on roller
  • Roof reinforcements inside the cargo space, where needed
  • Optional: an aluminum welded ladder with non-skid steps, attached to the door hinges where possible.
  • Accessories, for example a ladder clamp to secure your ladders smoothly, including the possibility to lock it with a lock.

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