Carval offers a customized commercial vehicle interior for industry

At Carval, we furnish your commercial vehicle tailored to the specific daily needs and operations within the industrial sector. Carval is both a designer, manufacturer and approved constructor. Thanks to this all-in-one service, we have 1-to-1 contact with the client and can respond to specific needs within your industry. This is how we create the most optimally organized mobile workshop possible!

Tailored equipment for industry: racks and accessories

Depending on the nature of the work and the materials required within your specific industry, we customize the equipment of your commercial vehicle. Carval racks are the basis of an ergonomic workshop. Significant additional storage space is created, where all your materials, both small and large, will have an optimal storage place.

The racks are equipped with all the necessary accessories, oriented to the needs and activities within your industry.

Essential accessories in an equipment aimed at industry include a folding vise holder, workbench, canister holder, tilt trays, water bottle holders, storage trays, hose reel, power pack, compressor with the necessary winders, and so much more. On top of that, the company truck is equipped with a hygiene kit for hand washing (water, soap and paper) and an approved first aid kit.

We are always looking for ways to optimize the work experience within the industry. For example, we respond to the distance from the vehicle to the work site. We offer the possibility of creating a well-equipped custom work case for all necessary parts and materials - this is our recognizable "Carval Box."

3D design of your industrial truck

Through a 3D design, we offer a visual representation of this optimal interior, fully tailored to your requirements. If there are specific needs, such as the transport of euro pallets, we create the necessary space in the cargo area. If the focus is rather on storing essential materials, we tailor the rack accordingly.

Robust equipment with sturdy fastening options

A rugged interior with adequate fastening capabilities is of great importance in an industry mobile workshop. Our approach includes a heavy duty floor enriched with a specialized anti-slip coating. This dimensionally stable floor maintains its integrity without shrinking, expanding or undulating. As an additional layer, the floor is finished with a unique Carval aluminum trim, completely screwless and recessed.

We also provide various solutions for roof transport

Our expertise in roof transport is reflected in the three high-quality products we offer: our patented electric ladder loading system (EL-LLS) , a manual ladder loading system (M-LLS) and our luggage carrier. With these innovative solutions focused on ergonomic roof transport, we can meet your specific loading needs.

Discover our roof transport solutions

We meet all specific needs for industry work

In industry, certain requirements and regulations are often imposed as well. These obligations include the use of red/white shading, reversing signals and other clear signage, which we can provide.

Carval has the knowledge and expertise to provide a specific solution for all of your on-site energy needs. We provide the ability to connect through the grid or a power group as well as through our own battery, with an accessory battery and an inverter.

On top of that, we provide the necessary lighting, steps, safety locks and so much more. Do you need other amenities? Thanks to our all-in-one approach, we can provide custom work. Contact us for more information.

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Our strengths: what sets us apart from the rest

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  • Punctuality, quality and fast service
  • Always customized for 1 or 999 cars
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