Carval offers a customized commercial vehicle interior for painters.

This equipment is fully adapted to the specific daily needs, with the aim of creating a highly organized mobile workstation for your on-site painting jobs.

Carval is both designer, manufacturer and approved structural engineer. Thanks to this comprehensive approach, we have direct contact with our customers and are able to respond accurately to the requirements associated with your painting work.

Carval shelving, the basis for an optimal layout of your painting and loading area

Carval shelving is the basis of an ergonomic workshop. Significant additional storage space is created, where all your painting supplies get an optimal storage place.

This way you keep an overview of all your daily tools: ranging from large equipment like vacuum cleaners, ladders and paint pots, to smaller tools like tape, brushes and putty knives. Everything gets its own place!

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Cargo fuse

Load securing is of great importance in your in-vehicle equipment as a painter. Therefore, we provide a lot of fastening options so that all your tools and materials can be securely fastened. This not only ensures the protection of your vehicle, but also keeps your materials safe, prolonging their life.

Carval makes the best use of the floor to safely secure cargo. We optionally provide a tensioning system and vertical tension rods. This allows heavier loads, such as painted doors and radiators, to be safely secured.

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Ergonomic accessories for painters

Through our years of experience, we have developed in-depth expertise to maximize the efficiency of commercial vehicles for painters. We do this not only through optimal layout, but also through Carval products designed in-house and well-thought-out systems.
The ergonomic layout and design of commercial vehicles for painters is in small details. Discover below what, among other things, we provide to maximize the efficiency of your work as a painter.

  • drawers for dust-free storage of paint brushes
  • sustainable use of paint pots by placing the heaviest at the bottom and the lightest at the top
  • a shelf with raised rim so that paint pots do not fall over during transport.
  • easy access to your case with measuring tools
  • an overnight chiller to keep paint and silicone at temperature.

We provide all your painting needs

We provide the necessary lighting, signs, energy, steps, and so much more. Do you need other amenities? Thanks to our all-in-one approach, we can provide custom work. Contact us for more information.

Give your business an upgrade with our commercial vehicle equipment! Are you interested as well?

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Our strengths: what sets us apart from the rest

  • One-stop shop for complete furnishing
  • Experience with all brands & types
  • Punctuality, quality and fast service
  • Always customized for 1 or 999 cars
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