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Carval racks: the basis of an ergonomically equipped commercial vehicle

Carval racks transform your vehicle' s cargo space into an ergonomically organized mobile workshop. By optimally utilizing the entire cargo space, significant additional storage space is created. Your assortment of materials and tools, small or large, will have optimal and safe storage space.

Carval product & engineering

Our Carval racks are distinguished by a unique design that stems from our years of expertise and knowledge. This thoughtful and practice-oriented solution is fully tailored to the specific needs of your mobile workshop. Thanks to our own innovative engineering, the uniquely designed Carval racks are constantly reinforced, allowing us to consistently offer high quality within the market.

Carval offers 1 point of contact

We complete the circle for our customers thanks to our all-in-one approach: in-house design, production and installation of racks. Carval has a fully integrated production department with modern machinery & CNC and NC controlled lines, a spacious and well thought-out assembly hall and experienced specialists. This gives us 1-to-1 contact with our customers and allows us to respond to specific needs. In case of questions, we offer short accessibility and you can always contact the same person.

At Carval, your back is never against the wall

Suppose you want to extend your shelving after a certain period of time, we will continue working on the same configuration. Thanks to the longevity of our racks, they can be transferred to the next vehicle. In addition, we put you in an independent position, allowing you to easily add or adjust things yourself, without being tied to specific Carval tools.

Unique Carval design with 3D visualization

The modularity of our racks provides the flexibility to customize the design to your commercial vehicle, specific operations and equipment requirements. Using our own 3D program, we personalize our racks to each vehicle. Thus, we are always one step ahead in our thought process and offer high value for money.

We perform a 3D scan of your vehicle, creating a realistic isometric 3D image of your in-vehicle equipment. The flexibility of our 3D program ensures that the dimensions accurately match reality, down to the millimeter. This gives you a true representation of your commercial vehicle interior, which supports you in making certain choices.

Advanced shelving design options

At Carval, we offer a wide range of options to customize shelving to your specific needs. Whether you're working with large materials or small tools, our solutions on and around your shelving are diverse and thoughtful.

Our fixturing options include drawer drawers, shelves, shelf valves, elevator valves, case shelves, case clamps, floor profiles, long material bins, beech work surfaces and more.

These advanced storage solutions not only provide a safe and optimal place for all your supplies, but also keep your cargo area organized and your materials easily accessible. Discover our Carval shelving options and turn your commercial vehicle into a perfectly organized and efficient workspace.


A sliding drawer in a commercial vehicle is a pull-out storage solution installed in the racks of the cargo area. It is a drawer that easily slides out, allowing you easy access to its contents without having to reach deep into the cargo area.

The drawers are useful for storing your tools, equipment and materials. This makes your day-to-day supplies easily accessible and keeps the cargo area organized at all times.

On top of that, the drawers can be divided into a clear structure by adding dividers and subdivisions. This allows you to fully customize them according to your needs.


Shelves are horizontal shelves that can be installed in the cargo area of a commercial vehicle to create additional storage space and organize materials, tools and supplies in an organized manner.

A shelf can be subdivided by size, creating multiple compartments. In addition, it is possible to install a bin in the subdivisions of the shelf, which can also be divided into several storage compartments. In this way, you can adjust the available volume to the size of your bolts, screws and miscellaneous tools.

Shelf flap

Our shelf flap allows you to close the shelf. This flap can be opened up to 180°, allowing you to lay it completely down. This ensures stacked items stay in place and provides easy access to your stored cargo.

Elevator flap

With an elevator valve, we can make the most of the empty space along the bottom and shield it completely. An elevator flap is useful for easy loading and unloading of large or heavy items and protects your cargo. This ergonomic flap can be opened up to 180°, giving you easy access to your stored material.


A worktop in your commercial vehicle is a flat surface designed to serve as a functional workspace. This work surface allows you to perform various tasks on the road, such as preparing materials, performing repairs, writing documents and other work-related activities.

This specific beech work surface is seamlessly integrated into the vehicle's racks, making the best use of the available space and creating an organized workspace. Always working efficiently, even during trips with your commercial vehicle, is thus made possible.

Case clamp

A case clamp is a fastening mechanism that is deployed in the open space at the bottom of a shelf, in which several cases can be placed.

Suitcase clamps consist of adjustable clamps that are placed over your cases and tightened to hold them firmly in place. This prevents the cargo from shifting or falling over while driving. Suitcase clamps thus provide a stable and secure attachment of cargo to the floor, preventing potential damage and accidents.

Floor profile

The load on the underside of your commercial vehicle can be secured not only with a liftgate or trunk clamp, but also with a floor profile. A floor profile is a sturdy raised edge placed along the edges of a shelf on the cargo floor. This profile helps keep the load in place and prevents materials from shifting or falling over while driving. This demarcation provides additional stability and safety when transporting various goods.

Long equipment bin

A long material bin is a storage bin that runs the full length of the commercial vehicle. Long parts are often difficult to store in standard storage space, think long profiles, PVC pipes, ladders and so much more.

This long material bin is specially designed to provide extra space to safely transport all your long materials and tools. If you want to keep various parts separated, we can add dividers to divide the long material bin into multiple compartments.

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