Lighting & Signaling

A visible vehicle that meets legal standards ensures the safety of the driver and passersby. We therefore also provide all the necessary lighting and signage on your vehicle. We can install lighting at the front, rear, on and around your vehicle: a self-designed Carval ArrowMax running light, 360° running light, LED flashers, flashing lights and work lights. In addition, Carval provides you with the legally required signage, namely red and white shading and A31 and D1 traffic signs.

Does your mobile workshop need other specific items, specific to the needs of your daily work? Our in-house engineering and automated machinery offer extensive personalized possibilities.


Carval ArrowMax running light

The Carval ArrowMax running light is an in-house development by Carval and was designed with integration on various roof structures in mind. This fully modular design thus offers the advantage of being able to be integrated under the vehicle's luggage rack, M-LLS or EL-LLS.

The ArrowMax running light is placed at the rear of the vehicle roof to create visibility for oncoming traffic. If 360° visibility is desired, we also install grill flashers and flashing lights. Since we manufacture this product in-house, we can offer excellent value for money.

360° light bar

The 360° light bar is a lighting solution that is strategically mounted at the front and rear, as well as at the corners of the vehicle roof. It provides 360° visibility from all directions, which is essential in situations where maximum warning and illumination is required.

It is important to note that the 360° light bar cannot be integrated under a roof structure. In contrast, our Carval ArrowMax running light is specifically designed for seamless integration on a variety of roof structures.

Flashing lights

Carval is committed to offering high-quality lighting options that meet the required standards. We have thoroughly researched the market to offer quality flashing lights that meet European approval markings.

The beacons are mounted at the top of the vehicle roof and provide 360° visibility, giving additional warning to oncoming traffic.

Work Lights

Work lights can be installed in a variety of ways to improve your visibility and safety while working.


Red and white shading

We provide the legally approved red and white markings, as prescribed by the government. These markings are applied in-house, through a special operation with special attention to the durability of your commercial vehicle. This prevents damage to the vehicle's bodywork and prevents long-term rust.

Traffic signalization

We provide the required legal traffic signage, being traffic signs A31 (worker) and D1 (arrow). These signs are provided on magnetic foil, so they can be easily disassembled. Depending on your position on the public road, you can easily adjust the direction of the arrow.

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