Carval offers customized in-vehicle equipment for gardeners and earthworkers.

This equipment is fully adapted to the specific daily needs of gardeners or earthworkers, with the aim of creating a highly organized mobile workplace.

Carval is both a designer, manufacturer and approved constructor. Thanks to this comprehensive approach, we have direct contact with our customers and are able to respond precisely to the requirements associated with your daily gardening or earthwork activities.

A free passage and optimal storage areas

Our approach starts with the creation of a wide free passage in the loading area, tailored to the needs of gardeners and earthworkers. Indeed, this facilitates the loading and unloading of heavy tools and machinery, such as wheelbarrows, concrete mixers and lawnmowers.

Inside the vehicle, Carval heavy duty racks, free side walls and drawers form the basis of a well-organized workshop. Significant additional storage space is created, giving your materials and machinery optimal storage.

Load security to protect your vehicle and equipment

Load security is very important. Sufficient lashing rails are provided in the vehicle so that all tools and materials can be securely fastened and damage during transport is avoided. On top of that, recessed floor anchors can also be integrated to give large materials a secure anchorage.

We can also install a heavy duty wheel arch lining, which protects the wheel arch on the one hand and creates additional storage space against the walls where there is no rack. Of course, whatever you place on the wheel arch can also be secured again using a tension rail.

Efficient loading and unloading

For efficient loading and unloading of tools and machinery, a ramp is provided at the rear door.
Are you experiencing problems loading heavy tools such as vibrating plates, cement or large amounts of waste? We can integrate Penny loading cranes into the vehicle, lifting heavy loads electrically from now on. In addition, we provide stable steps on the rear and side doors of your vehicle, making entry and exit easier and safer.

We also offer various loading applications on the vehicle roof, for ergonomic loading and unloading of heavy or long material: a luggage carrier, patented electric ladder loading system or manual ladder loading system.

Ergonomic accessories for horticulture or earthworks

Various accessories can be provided, aimed at an efficient working environment for horticulture or earthworks. So we install jerry can holders, gas bottle holders, water bottle holders, handle holders, shovel tray, a hygiene kit to wash hands (water, soap, paper), an approved first aid kit, and so much more. We also provide natural ventilation to create circulation for evaporated gases.

Lighting and signage for horticulture and earthworks

We also ensure that your commercial vehicle is optimally lit both inside and outside.
In the loading space, we install the necessary interior lighting so that you can easily find all your tools and materials.
Outside the loading space, we provide the necessary lighting, such as work lights, ArrowMax running lights and strobe lights.

On top of that, we provide the necessary signage so that you are always clearly visible in any working environment, along public roads or on strictly secured sites. Your company vehicle becomes your reliable companion, regardless of the time or location.

On-site energy solutions

Carval has the knowledge and expertise to provide a specific solution for all your on-site energy needs. We provide the ability to connect through the grid or a power group as well as through your own battery, with an accessory battery and an inverter.

More info on energy

Prevent cargo theft

Is your commercial vehicle not sufficiently securely protected? As a gardener or landscaper, choose optimal security and prevent cargo theft thanks to the Carval safety-lock system, which is invisible from the outside.

Discover our security locks

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