Carval offers customized commercial vehicle equipment for electricians

At Carval, we have the expertise to fully tailor your commercial vehicle to your specific needs as an electrician. As a designer, manufacturer and approved fabricator, we offer a comprehensive approach and have 1-to-1 contact with our customers. This allows us to create an optimally organized workspace that is completely tailored to each electrician's needs. Increase your productivity, efficiency and safety with our customized electrician van interior. All your tools will be clearly organized, easily accessible and securely fastened from now on.

Carval shelving for electricians

Your various daily tasks as an electrician require specific storage solutions for large and small equipment. Carval shelving is the basis for making the best use of your loading volume and integrating storage options.

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Drawers for small equipment

Our shelving units are equipped with drawers, specially designed to keep your small storage materials, such as sockets and differential dispensers, organized. In addition, we offer sorting trays, also called micro trays, for even more structure and organization in your drawers. Various tumbler trays are also available for small storage materials outside of drawers.

Storage solutions for long materials

As an electrician, you also need storage solutions for long materials and tools, for which we provide a permanent place. Our long material bins provide optimal storage space for safely transporting PVC pipes, ladders and other long materials. In addition, we can also install a luggage rack or manual ladder loading system on the vehicle roof to safely secure long materials.

Ergonomic accessories for electricians

Carval provides various accessories to respond to specific needs specific to an electrician's in-vehicle equipment.
A reel holder is ideal for hanging extension cords or a vacuum cleaner's arm, giving them quick access and avoiding tangling. We also offer perforated wall plates as a tool panel, from which you can hang various tools. This helps you keep an overview and find your tools easily when you need them. On top of that, we can also provide a workbench or folding vice so you can work efficiently on the move, a rod holder to store leftover pieces of PVC or copper, and so much more.

Cargo securing

We guarantee maximum protection for both your vehicle and your cargo, thanks to extensive securing options. Your equipment remains securely in place, preventing damage or damage to your commercial vehicle.

Our load securing options include tensioning systems, tension rails, universal tensioning straps, floor anchors, wheel guards and so much more. Thus, as an industrial or domestic electrician, you can provide a fixed anchor point for such things as electrical boxes, solar panels and work carts.
To load such heavy materials, we optionally provide a lifting crane.

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Prevent cargo theft

As an electrician, you have valuable equipment and tools that you want to protect from theft. Our Carval Safety-Lock system offers the ideal security solution, completely invisible from the outside, to safely shield your valuable cargo and ensure your peace of mind against theft.

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Lighting and signs

To ensure good visibility in your workspace, we provide the necessary interior lighting. To guarantee the visibility and thus safety of the driver and passers-by, we provide the necessary exterior lighting such as running lights, LED flashers, flashing lights and work lights. In addition, your commercial vehicle complies with the legally required signage, i.e. red and white shading and traffic signals.

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