Cargo area lining

Optimally protect your cargo space with a comprehensive cargo space liner

Discover the ultimate protection and optimization of your commercial vehicle with our high-quality cargo area linings. At Carval, we understand the value of your vehicle and materials. That's why we offer a comprehensive approach to protecting them, ranging from floor and wall linings to headliner and wheel arch protection.

Our cargo area linings are not only an investment in the protection of your vehicle and work materials, but also in the efficiency and professionalism of your daily operations. With us, you will find only high-quality materials. With our fully in-house production, we also offer you the flexibility to put together your own material combinations.

The cargo space lining goes hand in hand with a range of cargo securing options, creating a safe cargo space for both your body and work equipment. This ensures that your commercial vehicle can withstand all day-to-day challenges!


We provide a cargo floor in your commercial vehicle with quality sheet material that protects the cargo area during your daily operations. The sheet material is 100% in-house production and features a unique screwless and recessed aluminum protective profile.

Our loading floors are custom tailored to your commercial vehicle, through our CNC controlled manufacturing. Depending on the length of your commercial vehicle, we can provide a one-piece floor plate, available in 2 colors, being brown and gray. If you are working in the cargo area, the gray color provides greater light output.

Some distinctive features of our loading floors:

  • water-, oil- and chemical-resistant
  • high-quality wear-resistant anti-slip coating
  • dimensionally stable floor that does not shrink, expand or undulate
  • sustainable: provided with an FSC label


A sturdy wall covering protects the interior of your commercial vehicle and extends the life of your bodywork. On a daily basis, the sturdy walls absorb all the inevitable bumps and dents during your operations, preventing vehicle depreciation. The pliable sheet material molds to the contours of each sidewall, so no space is lost in the cargo area.

Our walls are not only functional but also provide a professional appearance, which inspires confidence in customers. Depending on your specific sector, the layout of your cargo space can be optimized as desired by means of a partition wall. This allows, for example, a distinction to be made between the workshop and the specific storage space for materials.

Wall cladding in various materials

Carval wall cladding is available in various materials: high quality plastic, plywood wood and perforated aluminum. Thanks to the complete in-house production of our Carval walls, you can combine these materials as you wish. This allows you to achieve an ideal balance with regard to your loading capacity, with the sidewalls providing extra strength where needed, and light where possible.

Wheel arch lining

A wheel arch liner is a smart investment in both protection and functionality.
Rugged wheel arch liners cushion all dents and damage, keeping your bodywork intact.

A wheel arch liner is also strategically mounted with an eye toward maximizing available storage space. It provides a sturdy and flat platform on which to place free-standing work equipment. Tension rails are provided on the side walls to secure the equipment.


We can add headliner to the ceiling of your commercial vehicle. This lining has both a functional and aesthetic role, as it can help with sound insulation and create a finished look in the interior of the commercial vehicle.

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