The cargo in your vehicle is of precious value and thus deserves a high level of protection. Professional burglars are extremely inventive and can bypass standard security locks in an instant, rendering them inadequate.

The successive complexities and complications following theft bring a great deal of frustration. Consider the insurance claim process where payouts are often difficult, reporting to the police, and then repurchasing your materials and goods.

All of this takes time and money, resources you would much rather put to optimal use. Moreover, during the recovery process after theft, you cannot continue working immediately, as working without materials is simply impossible.

Having to remain constantly vigilant is of course at odds with the desired peace of mind after a long working day.
The solution? Make sure you can't be robbed with a Carval safety-lock system!

Carval electric safety-lock system

Choose optimal security and prevent cargo theft thanks to the Carval safety-lock system, invisible from the outside. Even with professional equipment, burglars don't stand a chance. We perform a risk analysis and personalize the design to your vehicle.

  • Unique Carval development, production & installation
  • Internal system: invisible from the outside
  • Additional security on top of the original locks
  • Various customer-specific electrical control options
  • Mounting on the strongest points of the vehicle
  • Multiple units can be installed
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Mechanical security system

The mechanical security system is a cost-effective standard solution, which closes using a lock and is visible from the outside. As a result, it acts as a deterrent to burglary, while the electrical security system provides a high level of burglary resistance.

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