Carval offers customized commercial vehicle equipment for joiners

At Carval, we understand the unique needs of joiners. That's why we offer a customized commercial vehicle layout that is fully tailored to your daily requirements. Our goal is to create a highly organized mobile workspace designed specifically for your on-site joinery work.

As a designer, manufacturer and approved fabricator, we have direct contact with our customers, allowing us to accurately address the specific requirements of your joinery work. From optimal layouts to in-house designed Carval products and thoughtful systems, we have everything you need to optimize your mobile workspace.

Bespoke equipment for joiners: Carval shelving

Our Carval heavy duty shelving units are the foundation of an efficient workshop. They provide significant additional storage space for all your supplies, from large materials like vacuum cleaners to smaller tools like screws, bolts and hinges. Each item is given an organized place, making your daily tools easy to find. This way, you are also always provided with everything, to avoid driving back and forth.

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Ergonomic accessories for joiners

We provide various accessories to create an optimal working environment for joiners. Among others, we install a workbench, vise holder, silicone holder, waste bucket, water bottle holders, approved first aid kit, hygiene kit to wash hands (water, soap, paper) and so much more.

External and internal fastening options.

Cargo securing is of great importance in your commercial vehicle equipment as a joiner. Carval provides various fastening options to securely fasten all your tools and materials during transport. We provide various load securing applications on both the inside and outside of your commercial vehicle, tailored to your needs: internal and external glass restraints, tensioning systems, tension rods, tension rails, as well as roof transport.

Discover our various fastening options for optimal load securing.

Glass remnants

We can install both internal and external glass restraints. The Carval glass rack is made of rugged and lightweight aluminum, with a wide folding bottom plate. This specially designed construction is ideal for safely transporting heavy loads, including doors, windows and other large materials.

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Internal cargo securing

We provide tensioning systems on the floor & vertical tension rods on the floor and ceiling, to support the material fixed on the internal glass rack, among other things.
On top of that, horizontal tension rails ensure that you can safely secure all your materials and tools so that they do not shift during transportation. Floor anchors can also be integrated into our load floor, to safely tighten heavy loads.

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Roof transport

We also provide various loading applications on the vehicle roof for optimal load securing. Our luggage carrier is a thoughtful addition that ensures your ladder or other long materials are safely and space-savingly secured outside your vehicle. As a result, we therefore also create additional storage space as the internal cargo area remains free for other necessities. We also offer other external loading applications, being an electric ladder loading system and manual ladder loading system.

Power supplies

Carval has the knowledge and expertise to provide a specific solution for all your on-site power needs.
With our customized power configurations, you can always count on sufficient power for your electrical machines. Whether you need powerful tools or measuring equipment, we have the right solutions to charge your batteries and continue your work uninterrupted.

In short, we meet all your carpentry needs.

We also provide the necessary lighting, signs, steps, safety locks and much more. Do you need other facilities? Thanks to our all-in-one approach, we can provide custom work. Contact us for more information.

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