Carval offers customized commercial vehicle equipment for plumbers

As a plumber, you know better than anyone how bulky and diverse the materials and tools are that you have to transport to your customers every day. From small clamps to large sockets, wrenches and pliers, to gas cylinders, ladders, and so much more.

Of course, you always want to be provided with everything at the job site to avoid driving back and forth. This creates the need for an organized and efficient storage solution in your mobile workspace. At Carval, we furnish your commercial vehicle tailored to your specific daily needs and operations as a plumber.

Heavy duty shelving in large compartments

Thanks to our many years of experience, we at Carval have expertise in optimizing load volume. Carval heavy duty racks are the foundation of an ergonomic workshop, providing significant additional storage space for all your small and large plumbing equipment.

Our heavy duty racks are thoughtfully designed in large compartments, creating space for not several small, but large drawers with a high load capacity. As a result, we gain not only space, but also weight and cost. As you can see, not a millimeter of cargo volume is lost in our layout!

Discover the Carval heavy duty shelving

Optimal load securing in the cargo space

In our cargo area, we offer thoughtful securing options so that all your materials can be safely secured. Optimal load securing not only prevents damage to the vehicle, but also keeps your materials and tools protected, extending their service life. The great advantage of our lashing straps is that they can be used universally for both floor rails, wall rails and floor anchors.

Various loading applications for long materials

Our in-vehicle equipment also provides smart solutions for transporting long materials that do not fit into the cargo area as standard or take up too much space. Think of ladders or long copper pipes.

These can be transported effortlessly and safely on the vehicle roof using a rack, an electric ladder loading system or a manual ladder loading system. With efficient roof transport, we create extra space in the cargo area for other materials, while always keeping your long supplies within reach.

We also provide a solution on the inside of the vehicle, being a long material tray that runs the full length of the commercial vehicle.

Ergonomic accessories for plumbers

We are always looking for ways to optimize your work experience as a plumber. At Carval, we therefore design specific accessories that contribute to a functional and organized work space, perfectly adapted to your plumbing needs

Our furnishings include special brackets to hold gas cylinders upright, while natural ventilation promotes air circulation while working with gas cylinders. We also offer the installation of practical features, including a vise holder and workbench. Discover more accessories for your plumber commercial vehicle equipment.

Prevent cargo theft

Is your commercial vehicle not adequately protected? Then protect your valuable cargo with our Carval Safety-Lock system. We offer plumbers optimal security for their vehicle, preventing cargo theft. Choose peace of mind and security with our externally invisible security system.

More about security locks


Our facility also offers a variety of energy configurations. Whether it's plastic welding or compressed air, we make sure the energy matches your plumbing needs.


Carval also provides stable step treads on the rear and side doors of your vehicle, making entry and exit easier and safer.

Lighting and signs for plumbers

We guarantee optimal visibility with appropriate lighting to ensure your personal safety and that of passersby. We provide both interior and exterior lighting. This makes it effortless to find your tools and materials in the cargo area. Our work lights outside the cargo area provide clear visibility for any plumbing job, anywhere, anytime. We also provide the necessary signage to your commercial vehicle, including red and white shading and road signs.

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