Cargo securing is critical. Not only to protect your interior and bodywork, but also to extend the life of your materials.

This is why we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for securing your cargo securely and stably in your commercial vehicle. Tensioning systems, tension rods, tension rails and floor anchors with universal tensioning straps can be optionally provided in your commercial vehicle.

Our fastening options are strategically designed and distributed in various locations in your commercial vehicle. Whether on the floor, walls, ceiling or racks, each attachment is thoughtfully placed to keep your cargo in place while driving. This way, you can maximize the storage capacity of your cargo area and hit the road with confidence.

What makes Carval cargo securing unique?

Our years of expertise and know-how set us apart from the usual standards with innovative solutions. Fitting your commercial vehicle with high-quality solutions is the solid basis of our approach at Carval.

Carval heavy duty tension rails

We optionally install horizontal heavy duty automotive tension rails on walls and shelving racks. What sets our tension rails apart is not only their heavy duty nature, but also their mounting method in the cargo area. Instead of traditional rivets, our tension rails are attached to the side walls of the cargo space with a high-quality unique solution.

Unique Carval fastening in the floor

Thanks to in-house production in our CNC-controlled machinery, we offer unique load securing in-floor construction. The tension rails in the floor and the floor anchors are distinguished by their unique Carval fastening. On the one hand, they are flush-mounted , creating a seamless surface without snags. On the other hand, they offer a considerable load-bearing capacity, resulting in powerful tensile strength.

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