Safely transporting glassware with your commercial vehicle often poses significant challenges. Think of glass sheets, glass doors, large glass windows, mirror panels, and so many other delicate materials. This task can be a hindrance in your daily operations, a stumbling block for which we at Carval have designed an efficient solution: the Carval glass resteel.

The Carval glass rack is a sturdy lightweight aluminum structure with a wide folding base plate, specially constructed to carry heavy loads. We can provide both internal and external glass restraints. These are available in various heights, fully tailored to the dimensions of your commercial vehicle.

  • lightweight aluminum design
  • internal and external design
  • high load-bearing capacity
  • wide folding bottom plate

Internal glass rack

When using an internal glass rack, your glassware is safely on the inside of your vehicle. The internal glass rack can be mounted against the Carval racks or against a free side wall in the cargo area. It can possibly be combined with a longitudinal material tray at the back of the rack.

Combined with our Carval safety-lock system, thieves have no chance of gaining access to your valuable glassware. Moreover, with an internal glass rack, your load of glassware always remains protected from various weather conditions.

External glass rack

The Carval external glass rack is a smart solution for safely transporting glassware on the outside of the commercial vehicle. The external design creates additional space in the vehicle's cargo area for other supplies. With the external glass rack, we also provide a light package as standard.

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