Carval offers customized commercial vehicle equipment for the construction industry

As a construction professional, you face the challenge of transporting a significant amount of robust material to the construction site. At Carval, we understand the demands of the construction industry and have designed heavy-duty racking systems to meet all your needs. Our shelving racks are sturdy, durable and designed to transport even the heaviest material. On top of that, we address the specific needs of the construction industry to provide your mobile workshop with maximum organization, efficiency and safety.

Carval heavy duty shelving with shelves

To provide optimal storage for your robust equipment, we provide shelves in the heavy duty racks. These can be divided into several compartments according to the load to be transported.

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In addition to rugged tools, as a construction professional, you also need countless small materials and supplies on the job site. Think rods, spindles, spirit levels, truples, measuring tapes, grease cords, gloves, rags and much more. Our integrated drawers allow for efficient organization of all your smaller items. The drawers easily slide out, giving you easy access to contents without reaching deep into the cargo area.

Cargo fuse

Cargo securing is very important for a mobile workshop in the construction industry. Therefore, we provide a lot of fastening options so that all your equipment is securely fastened and damage during transport is avoided. Consider lashing rails, tensioning systems and recessed floor anchors.

We also offer advanced fitting options with our Carval racks, aimed at stability and safety during transport. For example, we provide a sturdy raised edge on the loading floor, also known as a floor profile, to prevent your material from shifting or falling over on the floor. In addition, we can also provide shelf flaps or elevator flaps so that stacked materials in the shelves stay in place.

Robust cargo area cladding for the construction industry

The construction industry requires a commercial vehicle interior that can take a beating. Our heavy duty cladding focuses on providing optimal protection for the cargo area, extending from the floor to the walls and ceiling.

Our heavy duty floor features a specialized anti-slip coating. This dimensionally stable floor maintains its integrity without shrinking, expanding or undulating. It is resistant to oil, water, acid and other chemicals. As an additional layer of protection, the floor is finished with a unique Carval aluminum trim, completely screwless and recessed.

Roof transport for the construction industry

Carval has three high-quality roof transport solutions, for safe fastening and efficient transport of long materials: the Carval patented electric ladder loading system (EL-LLS) , a manual ladder loading system (M-LLS) and our heavy duty carrier.

Lighting and signs in the construction sector

We provide appropriate lighting to your commercial vehicle to ensure your personal safety and that of passersby. In addition, additional interior lighting and exterior work lights ensure that you always have a clear view of your equipment and working environment. We also provide the required signage to your commercial vehicle, including red and white shading and road signs.

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We can provide many accessories in your commercial vehicle, tailored to specific needs within the construction industry. Working in construction means working through all kinds of weather. We provide the necessary ventilation in your van to prevent condensation caused by wet clothing. Curious about more accessories? Discover them all.

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In short, we respond to various needs of the construction sector.

Carval also provides the necessary energy configurations, steps and safety locks. As a construction professional, do you need other possible features? Carval provides them! We are designer, manufacturer and approved structural engineer. This all-in-one approach allows us to provide extensive custom work. Contact us for all your questions.

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